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Wanna Start Somethin’?

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Bread P0rnI recently obtained some of Carl Griffith’s starter and started learning to make bread.  It actually turns out to be pretty easy, fun and quite tasty (though this starter really doesn’t taste like “San Francisco Sourdough™”, mostly it just tastes like damn good bread with a bit of a nutty-pretzel-y twist).  It is also really easy to start, store, share and re-start; here’s how I’ve started and maintained it. (more…)

Terra Cotta Smoker

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

[Republished from January 2007 from my previous site]

Chicken thighs smoked over rosemary sprigs

I built myself a small ceramic smoker out of unglazed terra cotta flowerpots and have been using it frequently for several months now, it’s high time I wrote it up so others can enjoy the smokey goodness and continue to improve the design.

It is based on the smoker Alton Brown built in the Good Eats episode Q which has also been written up herethere and yonder, but I reworked it to use charcoal instead of an electric hot-plate. (more…)